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The owner of RVC Data Recovery, of Lebanon, Missouri was contracted through the company where I am employed to assist with restoring some networking capabilities after a virus attack. He was rather unprofessional and was extremely rude to several of my associates.

One particularly troubling episode occurred when my company computer was not networking consistently. Instead of addressing the technical issues, I received a scathing e-mail scorning me for my ineptness. I let the offense blow over the first time as I can understand the pressures on an outside contractor trying to complete a project on time. After the issue was unresolved, I forwarded another request for the issue to be addressed. Again I received a slanderous e-mail in return, but this message was copied to the president of the company and the head of HR as well. Not good.

This guy is definitely out of control. Avoid using this company.

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Dear Sirs

This complaint is completely unfounded. John Hoffmann, was corrected by his employer for his slander of RVC Data Recovery. He was instructed to remove this post, but maintained that he forgot his password to your site. He later resigned from the company in question. I can only assume that he left this post up for spite. The incident he referred to did not take place ever. John became angry when RVC Data Recovery took a contract with John’s employer. This contract is still active by the way. John was mad that the CEO of the company asked RVC Data Recovery to restrict web traffic down to sites related to their business. John is an amateur photographer, and in this role was using large amounts of bandwidth accessing sites that were not business related. He confronted me via email about my restrictions. I explained to him that “Your company put these policies in place, I just maintain them.” I do hope this letter clears up any confusion.


Reuben Chambers

RVC Data Recovery


I find it funny that you stated that you received two slanderous emails, and yet RVC Data Recovery is still contracted with your company. Are you trying to say that the Head of HR and the president of the company are so unable to tell that you were slandered that they did not terminate their contract. Interesting that you are not aware of how much your posting contradicts reality.


How is it that you received a slanderous email that was copied to the president of the company and the Head of HR ,and yet the company still has a contract with RVC Data Recovery. Is it your assertion that your company president will allow an outside contractor to slander you? If so maybe you should find a better job.


I have to oppose these accusations.I have personally been working with RVC Data Recovery of Lebanon since November of '10 as an outside contractor for IT work within my business.

I have referred them to many of my friends and business associates and have NEVER had a problem with them. They have been extremely professional and courteous to me and everyone I have talked to. This "angered employee" sounds like he/she is just that; and angered employee. I would not take his/her words so seriously.

I will continue to refer them to everyone I know, for I personally have never had any problems with them.Also, I will be sure to call them (RVC) and let them (RVC) know about this "consumer report."

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